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Personalized Wooden Catchall, Valet Tray in Walnut, EDC Tray, 50th Birthday gift for men
can be added to your walnut tray as a dorm room decor gift
can be added to your walnut tray as a dorm room decor gift
Walnut Catch all tray, best manly gifts for him. Works super great as a boyfriend gift

Personalized Wooden Catchall, Valet Tray in Walnut, EDC Tray, 50th Birthday gift for men

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Are you ready to up your gift giving game? These wooden catch all trays, or as some call them valet trays, provide a unique balance of both form and function that will be sure to be a gift that is remembered!
These valet trays are hand made out of beautiful solid walnut. Quite possibly one of the most sought after woods available. They will be a great gift to use to help keep all your daily items in one place. They look Amazing in your entry way or use them as a desk organizer. As a side note, they also work really well as dorm room or college gifts.
How to order the perfect wooden valet tray:
1.. Select the size of the tray that you would like. (*Please note that there is an option for only board butter. This is to purchase the board butter conditioner alone without either the board or the bag.
3. Select an Upgrade if desired
4. Type the Name Exactly as you want it on the board. Please copy and paste the name as you have typed it. The large initial will be the first letter of that name unless you require something different.
5. Click add to cart

*Note, Normal production time for this item is 5-7 weekdays. You will receive an actual estimated ship date via email after you order. 

If you need help or would like to contact us please use the following link. 

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*After you order please be on the lookout from an email from us. You should get two. One will be an automatic email from us to use as your receipt. The second usually comes within 24 hours and it is from us verifying the details of your order. If you don't get an email feel free to message us here. Please note that the email will come from

1. What do I do with the board butter.
- The Walnut catch all tray is 100% hard walnut. It is a natural product. We have finished it with a oil/beeswax finish that produces a superior protective finish. After time however, this finish will start to wear off. You will notice that the board will begin to look dry. At that point, applying a fresh finish is super easy. Use a paper towel and dip it into the container of Board Butter. Getting a small amount of the mixture on the paper towel rub into the board. Allow to sit for a few minutes and then with a fresh paper towel wipe the board dry.
2. Can I wash this in the dishwasher.
- No, no ,never no! The dishwasher is great for last nights dinner plates but will completely destroy your handmade walnut tray. Don’t do it. Seriously, trust me, this will be bad. It’s not a challenge..I see you. don’t do it.
3. Can I get more than one or can I get a different design.
- Yes, we can customize these anyway you need. However, please understand that customizations beyond the name will generally make it take longer to produce.
4. How does the 10% off thing work?
You click the heart, Which favorites this item, and let me know via the contact us or the message button on this listing. I then send you a code for 10% off that you can use on this order. That’s it, we like simple.
5. Can you tell me a little about you?
- I am so super glad you asked. We are Shelley and Rick Sawyer. We are a real husband and wife team who loves the Lord and whose desire it is to spend our time together creating great things for our friends. (That’s you). We are honored that you would allow us to create something for you and look forward to working with you.
6. Why do you send me so many questions.
- Some of our orders are pretty custom. They require some pretty complicated conversations. But, never fear, we have done this A LOT, and we generally have a pretty good idea of the right questions to ask in order to get you the item you desire. We will get there, it will be great, you will see :)
7. How come you offer returns, No one else does on here?
- Here’s the thing, we are more interested in creating a relationship with you than simply the one time purchase that you may spend with us today. Not only that, but we still believe if the item is the quality that it should be you are not going to want to return it. So, we do offer returns on some of our products. Just contact us ahead of time and follow our returns instructions. Please note, while we do accept returns on some items WE NEVER PAY FOR THE RETURN SHIPPING. That is on you. But yes, we do offer some returns.

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