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About Us

Sawyer Custom Crafts is your Premier Farm House Style Home and Kitchen Decor builder. Our products include Modern Farmhouse and Country Stove Top Covers, Sink Covers, and Furniture. All made by hand in beautiful East Texas. 

Picture of Owners of SawyerCustomCrafts.com Rick and Shelley Sawyer

  • Our Purpose
    • At Sawyer Custom Crafts our goal is to create quality products that help people Build Life Together. From custom furniture to kitchen decor to cutting boards all of our products are hand made right here in the USA.  We are proud Christians's who love their country and who strive to make a difference by the products we sell, the people we meet and the programs we support. 
  • Our People
    • Rick."I have always been involved with woodworking. When I grew up if you ran into a problem you had to either fix it yourself or go without. That makes you very resourceful. But I have always had a love for designing and creating things and love seeing that people like them. But above all this, I have a love for the God of the Bible. Jesus Christ, changed my life and now He is giving us an ability to work with people all over the world and show His love in a tangible way. I am so thankful for the opportunity to get to craft things for each of our clients. "
    • Shelley. Ok, hands down Shelley is the talent of this whole process. If you have worked with us at all you will recognize her amazing ability to design and She is just totally Awesome :) .Shelley says  "I love helping people translate their dreams and ideas into reality" 
  • Our Place
    • We get the amazing opportunity to work from the beautiful area of East Texas. From our shop, our products have been shipped all over the world. 
  • Our Process
    • One of the best parts of our products is the process. Each product is specifically and specially made for each person. So when you purchase a product from us, you are allowing us to join you in a process of bringing your dream to reality. We will be with you each step of the way. 
  • Our Price
    • We understand that we are not the cheapest option. Our products are not meant to be competitive on price point with imported and mass produced items. We produce High Quality products through using premium quality materials and expertise with great attention to detail resulting in products that you will love for generations. 
  • Contact Information

We would love to help with any questions that you may have. Please send us an email to Rick@SawyerCustomCrafts.com. Due to the number of clients Email communication is the only way we communicate. We will communicate with each and every order, so when you place an order with us please check your email and spam email folder for an email from SawyerCustomCrafts.com

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