I have a gas range with tall grates can I use one of these farm house stove top covers on it?

That is such a great question. Generally speaking we offer two different broad category of farm house stove top covers/noodle boards: Those that are completely flat on the bottom and those that are created like a "box". We have had people use both on either type of stove top but the "box" style gives you a space on the inside of the cover that will be taller than the grates or griddles keeping the underside from touching anything.  

     So in summary, a flat style works best for flat top stove and the box style works best when you want the cover to be raised up. 


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  • Flat Style Farmhouse Stove Top Cover

Farmhouse Stove Top Cover Flat Style

  • Box Style Stove Top Cover

Farmhouse Stove Top Cover Raised Style