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Stove Top Cover for the Do It Yourself, or Diy

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Are you the type of person who looks at a product and thinks "I could so do that !" Or maybe you are the type of person who really enjoys adding their own personal touches to things? Then this DIY Stove Top Cover may be just the thing for you. It's made with the same high quality material and sanded smooth just like our finished boards except this one is left natural. Just waiting for your special touch. We've had clients paint their children's hand prints on them. Some have stained them, and some have done some really amazing work with them. What will your board look like?

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  • Made out of Premium Oak Ply
  • Sanded smooth and ready for paint, stain, or finish
  • Dimensions are 30" left-to-right by 22.25" front to back by 3/4" thick. 



*As Always please remember that these stove top covers are made out of wood and will burn if used on a hot surface. As such they are only designed to be used on cool surfaces and buyer assumes all risks. 

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Customer Reviews

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Stove top cover - DIY

The wood slab came out looking the way I wanted it to be. Perfect fit to the stove.
Amazing work! I would buy product from you again!
Thanks again!