Personalized Stove Top Cover with Family Name and Coordinates – Sawyer Custom Crafts
Exquisite black stained stove top cover, personalized with family name and special location.
Custom-made stove top cover, with family name and coordinates adding a personal touch to your kitchen decor.
Unique kitchen accessory - stove top cover with personalized engraving and elegant black stain.
Perfect gift idea - stove top cover with laser-engraved family name and location coordinates.
Stylish and functional stove top cover, featuring a personalized family name engraving.
Top view of the stove top cover, highlighting the beautifully engraved coordinates.
Detailed engraving of a family name in the center of the stove top cover.
High-quality stove top cover, showcasing precise laser-engraved longitude and latitude coordinates.

Personalized Stove Top Cover with Family Name and Coordinates

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     Introducing our exquisitely crafted stove top cover, designed to bring a touch of elegance and personalization to your kitchen. Each cover is carefully stained black and meticulously laser engraved with your family name and coordinates, making it a truly unique and meaningful addition to your culinary space.
*Laser engraved for ease of cleaning and permanent lasting.

Please Include
The stain color of your board. (Black, Brown or Gray).
1. Initial Letter you would like in the center. (In the photos this is the Letter "M")
2. What you would like written across that letter. (In the photos this is the phrase "The Mankin Family"
3. Any additional text you would like below the initial letter (In the photo, this is the phrase "Lake Sam Rayburn"
4. The Latitude and Longitude coordinates if you would like these.
5. Any Established that you would like. (In the Photo this is the words "Est. 2023"

* If you need help finding your coordinates you can message me or go to and enter your address.

Standard Dimensions- 30" left-to-right, 22.25" front to back. Can be customized

At Sawyer Custom Crafts, we understand the importance of family and the cherished memories created in the heart of your home. Our stove top cover not only adds a stylish accent to your kitchen decor but also celebrates the special bond you share with your loved ones.

The deep black stain lends a sleek and sophisticated look to the cover, while the precision laser engraving showcases your family name proudly in the center. Additionally, we go the extra mile by engraving the longitude and latitude coordinates of your chosen location, transforming this stove top cover into a personalized keepsake that reflects your family's special place in the world.

Crafted with utmost care, our stove top covers are made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and functionality. They provide a protective layer for your stove when not in use, preventing scratches, spills, and dust from accumulating on the surface. Our covers fit most standard stoves, adding versatility to their appeal.
Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift for a housewarming, wedding, or anniversary, or simply want to elevate your own kitchen with a personalized touch, our stove top cover is an ideal choice. It's a beautiful and practical way to make your kitchen uniquely yours.
Please note that each stove top cover is made to order, guaranteeing that your item is created with meticulous attention to detail. To create your personalized stove top cover, simply provide us with your family name and the desired longitude and latitude coordinates during the ordering process.

Upgrade your kitchen decor and honor your family's name and special location with our Personalized Stove Top Cover with Family Name and Coordinates. Order yours today and experience the joy of a truly customized culinary masterpiece!

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Excellent product and great people behind the scenes

There was a miscommunication which led to the stove cover not being 100% correct. Rick at Sawyer went over the top to make it all right. Thank you very much!