Stove Top Cover, Noodle Board, Mercer Design in Ebony – Sawyer Custom Crafts
Picture of a Stove top Cover that has handles and that sits up off the top of the stove top.
Stove top cover against a white background. Showing the design on the noodle board. This design has three parts. First, in white is the last name. Second is the last name painted in black. Third is the established date painted in black
Picture of the Stove Cover For Gas Stove showing the chrome handles and the design on the board. The board is stained in ebony stain.
This is a view showing the raise of the Farm house stove top cover. It shows that the board has wooden feet which lift the cover up off the surface of the  stove top.
This is a picture of the underneath of the stove top cover. It shows the installed wooden legs that are installed to lift the stove cover up and the protective rubber feet that are placed on the bottom of those to protect the stove top.
This is an unclose view of the Stove cover for glass top stoves. Showing the raised legs.
Here is a picture of the legs of the stove top cover and shows how it sits on the stove top.
Here is another picture of the bottom of the noodle board for gas stovetops. Showing how the legs function.

Stove Top Cover, Noodle Board, Mercer Design in Ebony

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     Are you looking to add some extra counter space to your kitchen? These stove covers are just the thing!

     ThIs Farmhouse Stove Cover is the best of both worlds. The "flat top" style of this  cover gives the impression of a flat style cover and the "Legs" Raise it up so that it can be used on multiple types of stoves but without all the weight of a cove with four walls.

     The Dimensions are 29.5" left to right and 21 inches front to back. The Legs are 2.5" tall to give you the room you need underneath. The Legs will be placed on the edges of the left and right sides leaving you 28" of room left to right.  *Please be sure to verify that this will fit on your stove. Message us here if you need help or a custom size. This particular noodle board is stained in a beautiful Ebony Stain and has a two tone font color. The White color will be your family initial and the black color will be your family name and date. Since these boards are custom designed please be sure to check your emails from us concerning the designs after you order so that we can get this perfect for you. Need some help? Send Us a Message Here

Here are  some benefits of these boards.  

  • Beautiful 3/4" Red Oak Veneer Material
  • Many Stain Options- See Photo for Options
  • Hand-Painted Graphics not Vinyl Stickers
  • Customizable Dimensions***
  • Premium Handles
  • Triple Coat Protection Layer on Top and Bottom
  • Made in East Texas, USA


      ‼️‼️‼️‼️How To Order‼️‼️‼️‼️

1. Select a Color from the Drop Down list

2. Type in the Initial, Last name and established date you would like  painted on the board in the "Notes to seller Box" .

3. Add any other special notes that you would like us to know. If you don't need to add any just type "No Notes" in the Box. 

4. Push the add to cart button and follow the prompts to complete your purchase. 

5. After the sale please be on the lookout for an email from us by the next business day to confirm details. *Check your junk mail box.


*If you require a custom size please contact us first to confirm price and availability. Otherwise all orders will be shipped in the standard size of 29.5x 21"

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Additional Info

      *Please note that these are made of wood and are only to be used on completely cool surfaces and not for food preparation. By ordering you assume and accept responsibility for using these in a safe manner. 

** Color- Due to differences in Computer/Phone/Tablet Display resolutions and wood properties please understand that color pictures are only representations. Actual color may vary slightly. Color Samples of actual material are available for purchase if you desire a more accurate color representation. Please contact for details of color samples. 

***Larger Sizes will increase cost. Feel free to contact us here with questions:

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Faq`s (For a full FAQ List please click HERE )

1. Will this fit my range? 

     The size of this board is 29.5 inches when measuring from left to right and 21" when measuring from front to back.The legs will take up some room so please take that into account.  Please measure your stove top to make sure that size will fit your needs. We do take custom size request and can build a board to the specific size that you need. However the size must be included in the initial order.  If you need help with measuring your stove top please see this page HERE for help or contact us HERE for help. 


2. What material do you offer?

     We currently offer two types of material. Red oak Veneer. This is super high quality material that High end cabinet makers use it is 3/4" thick.  The grain on the Oak is more tight and straight. The other option that we offer in materials is a solid wood hardwood. We can make these in most hardwood available so that you can use your stove top cover as a cutting board. However, ALL of these orders must be placed on a custom listing as the price for these orders are substantially more. 


3. How long will it take you to make my board?

     Generally, it will take 10-15 days from order before your order will be ready to ship. Please understand that these are not mass produced products but instead are functional pieces of art and as such each takes time to complete. Once your order is ready to ship we will try our best to send you a picture of your order and then get it boxed up and shipped out. If you are ordering during the Christmas season please attempt to order as soon as possible as with the amount of orders you may experience a longer than normal wait time for construction coupled with a longer than normal wait time for the shipping carrier. *Please understand that these are just estimates and we can not be held responsible for delivery delays due to unforeseen situations. 

4. Can I get my order rushed?

    Nope, good things take time. Sit back and know that we are taking the extra time to make sure your order is great!


5. How much does this weigh?

     Generally, the flat style stove top covers will weigh 8-10 pounds and the raised style stove top covers will weigh 12+. However, please keep in mind that weight will increase with size. 


6. Can I use these as cutting boards or for food prep as well?

     No, these boards are not designed or purposed to be used as a cutting board or for direct food contact. Likewise, these should only ever be placed on completely cool surfaces. Buyer assumes all responsibility and risks involved with use and purchase. 


7. Is this waterproof

     Your stove top cover will be finished with 3(three) coats of a high gloss protectant finish and will be water resistant but not waterproof. Excessive moisture may damage the product. Wipe any water away with a clean dry cloth to keep your board lasting as long as possible. 


8. How do I clean this Stove Top Cover?

     The best way to clean the covers is to simply use a damp clean cloth and then to follow that up with a dry cloth. However full instructions can be found HERE .